As much as 1970's joinery works, a business is realized by the growing CHS GROUP in a 30 square meter shop with iron welding and turning works.

Time has also been thrown away in the works done.

Agricultural tractors and grain spirals have started to be produced in iron joinery, and the repair of similar agricultural land is on the way, starting from workshop to industrialism.

Of course, in this job choice, the foot adaptation, the advanced and

Along with meticulous, high quality, disciplined work, it is the main indicator next to the consumer.

This advanced existing workshop was not enough and moved to a 300 square meter area in small industry.

With the current works, knowledge and the steel of the player, from this point, Direct from Ramazan Ramazan, the production of "Hydraulic Systems", which will be realized for old model tractors, has begun.

This system can also be used for new model tractors and old model tractors, apart from improved model tractors.

Of course, this is for tractor factories to live in a healthy way.

For mass production in tractor factories, we moved to Karaman Organized Industry in 2006 and we still have production in our 60,000 m2 open and 25,000 m2 closed factories.